Crafting Memories

While visiting my mom in Alaska last month, my Grandfather passed away. He had been suffering from Alzheimers for the past two years. At the age of 87, he certainly had a full and wonderful life. I am so grateful for being there for my mom during this time, and I am also grateful that my oldest two kids have many vivid memories of their Great Grandfather. (as do I) If you are not familiar with Alzheimers, I highly suggest reading Days with my Father, it's a truly touching story. My Grandmother cared for my Grandfather mostly on her own these past two years, and I am in awe of her patience and love and ability to keep his integrity intact so beautifully during these times. It was really amazing.

When the kids and I headed home, my mom headed to Idaho, where she would help my Grandmother through a lot of those things that happen after losing a loved one. One of these things was collecting shirts which my Aunt will turn in to a quilt. She is an amazing quilter, so I am excited to see this come together.

 I asked Mom "If none of the kids want Grandpa's handkerchiefs, will you send them to me?"

She did. 


Inspired by a recent post on SouleMama about making a holder for handkerchiefs, I made one too. (Thank You Amanda) It's a pouch that hangs on a door knob or hook with a zippered back and an opening in the front to pull the tissues out. I reinforced the front opening for my overzealous grabbers and added a splash of color to the hangar, but other than that it's the same as SouleMama's design.

This pile of handkerchiefs will be loved and used and washed and loved and used again! And even better, they will remind me of my Grandfather.



Hang it Up

The fabric, which i love, is from Anna Maria Horner

And if pulling handkerchiefs out of this isn't fun enough, Mr Three has also decided they should be worn on his head……


I just hope this little trick comes before the nose wiping.

3 thoughts on “Crafting Memories

  1. How great that you got the handkerchiefs. I cherish all the things I have inherited from my relatives. I love that idea too that SouleMama showed us. Someday, if I get any handkerchiefs, I will do the same thing. Yours turned out great!


  2. YES! Just went through my mom’s hankies…….AFTER SHE SOLD some on her garage sale.
    Love the holder idea……another job for mom! (someday I’ll learn to sew….)
    For now, I just live vicariously through you! You are SOOO talented.


  3. Gosh, I really sorry to hear about your Gpa. 😦 I think its wonderful youre able to make something out of his hankies ( thats what my gpa called his ) i never thought about keeping them when he passed. COurse i was 16 and wasnt into that type of stuff ( as you know lol ) The more i read your blog.. the more i want to sew stuff. I’ll probably be more into it once i have some kids. Cause right now i would prob just do scarfs for my pups.


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