house update……

Sorry for the lack of posts this last week…. but as I mentioned, I am flying solo….. and many moments I have felt like a chicken with it’s head cut off….. so sorry for the gruesome analogy….. but I do feel like I’ve lost my mind… brain…. head…. whatever.

Please, if you locate it, can you send it back to me?

While we were away visiting my parents my sweet husband got so much done in the house, which I have been meaning to share here. So, while he is away I have this grand plan to also get a lot done….. while caring for 4 children….. and homeschooling….. and doing all the house chores….. see, that’s where I am getting this head-less feeling……

Before I go on about what I’m doing, I’d like to show you what we came home to!

Before photo of the kitchen:: 

  • 1970’s broken ice maker & dishwasher
  • 1980’s linoleum, complete with holes & cracks
  • 1970’s wallpaper

kitchen before (this picture was taken before we bought the house)

And so while we were out, Joe tore out all the old linoleum… removed the icky broken ice maker, put in a new dishwasher and laid down this beautiful tile…….

Tile by Joe after

And as if that wasn’t enough, he also removed carpet, finished the flooring in the hallway and living room, painted the living room, removed the bifold doors and hung up new blinds.


Living room before. (this is also a photo of before we bought the house, not our stuff in here)


living room after

So, not be outdone I have given myself a massive task list to complete during his absence. And I am not so happy to report that I have checked off one thing from the list.



Wallpaper Gone

Did you notice how Joe’s after pictures looked better?!?! I mean that is the general idea of home improvement, right? Well, the joy of removing wallpaper, aside from being covered in glorious icky sticky messiness, is that when you’re done, you can’t be sure that you actually made an improvement. And even better yet, you still get to sand, prime and paint those walls before it does look better!!

This weekend I am taking a break from the kitchen to do a minor temporary update on our lovely neon yellow bathroom. 

yellow(this photo previously blogged here)

Wish me luck!!

4 thoughts on “house update……

  1. HI!!!! I’m finally back online! Oh my god, that looks amazing!!! I love the tile and the color of the living room! I am living in Pollock Pines now, in the forest, it is amazing…well, outside the house it is amazing. Inside…egh. Still a ton of boxes, my husband arranged the living room furniture very silly-like, we’re going to paint this weekend, and i can’t figure out how to store 1/3 of my kitchenstuff.
    And to make this the longest comment EVER, I have a very important question- How do you get to know new people and make new friends in a new town? That would make things a lot less stressful!


  2. My dear wife…. Yes I did get a lot done while you were all gone. You forgot to mention a few facts….
    1. I’m not the best when it comes to the “clean-up” part. That being said I’m sure that the first week I was gone you were picking up after me.(ie. removal of leveler and grout from most of the vertical surfaces in those areas of “progress”. And lets not forget about my tools!:)
    2. With the help from Little Man it’s kind of like picking up after me all day long with out the said “progress” mentioned above. (For some reason his nick name from the start was Bear…….and that he is! Also his name sake ~Thomas~… we all know how well they both “go with the flow”. They are both masters of making their own rivers!)
    3. Just think what the house would look like if you were here and I there with the kids.( I forgot to feed Miss 6’s fish for over a week! The cat had grout and cement stuck in his fur. AND all my socks had bits of cement in them. Not to mention I only did 1 load of wash while you were gone! Uffda!)
    You’re a great Mom, the best Wife and wonderful cook!! (I’m sick of galley food)
    Our family NEVER takes on little tasks… we’ve a problem with moderation.
    A wise man once said “To much of anything is just enough..”
    I mostly agree……..Live~Love~Life!


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