Just Words :: 13

As I sit here, coffee in hand, I look back over thirteen years.

It's this surreal sort of feeling washing over my mind and heart……… this 5 foot 7 inch young man who once sat on my hip as I made dinner is turning 13 today.


I know it's cliche, but where did the time go? And has anyone else noticed that with each babe's arrival to the family things speed up even more?

I posted 6 months ago about him being twelve and a half. I blinked, and then here we were at thirteen. 

Later today will come celebrations, good food, phone calls from loved ones far away and of course gifts. All of which I will share here tomorrow.

But now, now I just sit here, absolutely amazed that I am the mother to a teenager. And mostly, amazed at the wonderful young man he is becoming.

While reading a wonderful book last night that I highly recommend, I cam across these words, which fit my feelings perfectly (reminding me to stay in and enjoy this moment):

The past is sailing off to sea,

the future's fast asleep.

A day is all you have to be,

It's all you get to keep.

from All in a Day by Cynthia Rylant

Happy Birthday Eldest.

8 thoughts on “Just Words :: 13

  1. Yes, time does fly. It is hard for me to believe that I have a grand dauthter that has a son that is a teenager let alone that I am a Great Grandmother to a teen. God has blessed you with a wonderful family & husband, grandaughter. Keep up the good work. You are doing a terrific job.


  2. 5’7″!?!?!? I didnt know he was that tall. Thats my height! lol. I think he could probably carry you on his hip now. Time flys by WAY to fast. Think about this.. Genas girls are 16 and 14 and both in highschool now. Crazy huh?


  3. Happy Birthday to Sam. I still see the little Sam runing up and down our hallway.You & Joe have raised a wonderful young man. Everytime I read your blog my heart warms with all the love and adventures you share. What an awesome family. Love ya Aunt Lori


  4. Happy Birthday to Sam.. Time does fly, it reminds me to stop and hug my kids and love them every moment. As much as humanly possible of course. There’s been a lot of whining around my house lately. It happens in the fall (lots of change). I guess, you are a new type of parent now? Being a parent of a teenager is a new badge you will be earning.


  5. Sam is definitely one of the wonderful miracles in our lives and we cherish having him as our grandson. Much of what he is, has been passed from his wonderful parents. Love you all tons and tons!
    Happy Birthday Sam!


  6. A young man he is and proud am I to have him as a son.
    It was only yesterday he was strapped in the back seat of my old VW Fox. His little sun glasses on to shade his eyes from the patchy Cordova summer. I remember him saying “Dad-da”.
    He’s an old soul. Sometimes a grumpy old soul! 🙂 But he’s caring and loving.
    Happy Birthday…..Love and miss you.


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