Guava Margaritas

If anyone ever told me I would have a neighbor in my backyard with a guava tree…. I'd have laughed. Before last night I didn't even know what a guava looked like! 

So when Joe walked in with a handful of them and told me our neighbor had given them to him, I was pretty excited. Our neighbor is vietnamese and does not speak english very well. So it is quite humorous for us to communicate. He is quite the gardener and has shared some other goods from his yard with us. The guava though, is by far the most delicious!

We cut the greenish yellow fruit open and I am not kidding, this one little ripe fruit smelled so beautiful. Everyone tried a piece…..  four out of six of us loved it. And since two of those four were the parents…… and it was sweltering hot outside…… Joe said to me. This could make a good margarita!

I love that man.

So as he labored away fixing things outside….. I came up with this (inside with the central air).

guava margaritas

Guava Mint Margaritas
4 shots tequila
2 shots triple sec
1/2 can of lime-aid frozen concentrate
2 ripe guavas seeded, peeled and sliced
a small handful of fresh mint from my yard

through above ingredients into your blender…..
add ice……
blend again……
until it is your desired consistency.
Makes 1 blender full of yumminess.

These are what we call "high octane" around here……. uff-da!
I am sure they would be almost as good alcohol free if you want to try that too……
Oh yum. So – so – very – very yum!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

4 thoughts on “Guava Margaritas

  1. Awh Guava! I planted a Guava 4 years ago. I used to have some guava bushes years ago in CA. Yummy! Aunt Joyce loves them & so do I. I am having a difficult time with my Guava here because of the weather. It blooms with the most beautiful little flowers & than starts forming the fruit & than we get sooooo much heat & than a hail storm & end of fruit. Enjoy the guavas for me. The mexicans make Tequila out of Aguave cactus root, here. There are Aguave farms further south in Mexico just for that purpose..


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