small beginnings

The last few days here have been really, really busy. Somehow I've managed to fill each little moment with lots of stuff to do!

First we've been working on this::

balancing act

the garden beginnings

little helper

Our winter garden. (oh yes I love to say "winter garden"…. it makes me smile)

Most of my favorite veggies (kale, beets, winter squash, peas, lettuce, and more!) thrive here in the south from September through May…. so after Joe built this 5×5 raised garden bed frame for us….. we dug out the grass (uf-da, I want a tractor if I ever do anything bigger than this!) and then built this frame to act as a trellis to grow things vertically too. We're doing this with the help of Small Space, Big Harvest, a book I've been reading. According to the author you can grow more than 200 pounds of produce in a 5×5 plot…….. well here's hoping!!

Today we're putting chicken wire on the trellis frame to hold the plants and we'll run twine from the top corners of the trellis frame to the bottom corners of the planter box for more plants!! At 5 feet 2 inches tall, stapling chicken wire and twine to the top of that 6 foot+trellis frame should certainly be entertaining……. planting will begin next week!


lunch break

We also "started school" this week. We always pick the math books back up this time of year and wipe off the summer dust….. the kids of course use math all the time by just living busy lives, but we do traditional math during the fall & winter months. Other than that, the kids have a lot of freedom to do as they please with their learning. My only requirement is that they write something regularly to share what they're studying. So, for you term specific folks…. we have this unschooling/waldorf very eclectic style that works wonderfully for us. 

On a fun note, in Louisiana to file as homsechoolers one option is called "private education" homeschooling. Which basically means we submit the number of kids we are teaching, promise to educate 180 days a year minimum and name our "school". The kids loved this!! (the naming part, that is)And after a favorite folk song album of ours, our "school" is now called Shady Grove Academy. When submitting my letter to the state I even made up some fancy letterhead that said "Shady Grove ~ Academy for Learning" on top of it….. so official looking…….

4 thoughts on “small beginnings

  1. So that makes me the Dean or Superintendent…right? I would like my very own parking spot when I get home……Of course, I will require an office with rose wood furniture.
    Just to keep pace with the rest of the United States…..I’m cutting your budget by 54%.
    I’m also considering an increase to the “student to teacher ratio”.
    In other word, I might be letting a few teachers go.
    Gypsy Man
    Dean, Shady Groves Academy


  2. According to the teachers union you are employed through another office, and therefor cannot make any decisions regarding hiring and firing. I do apologize for any confusion. You can have your rosewood furniture as soon as I get proper compensation for my overtime hours (nurse, janitorial services and school secretary). Also, the school band needs another instrument. We’re thinking violin/fiddle or electric guitar. Please look for one on your travels.
    (in other words nilly willy lifestyle)
    The Gypsy Mama
    Head Teacher and Founder
    PS There are other options for increasing the “student to teacher ratio”….. add more students!


  3. If you are Dean then I am the Head student and valedictorian of every year I have participated in school. Also I am thinking of applying for a job as school librarian. Please send your consent or denial to me.
    The Eldest
    Head student, Valedictorian, and future librarian of Shady Groves Academy for Learning


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