Grammy + Papa’s Treehouse

When I mentioned the tree house on the sea here, I wasn’t kidding around šŸ™‚

My parents house sits on stilts on the side of the mountain overlooking the ocean. It is one of my children’s favorite places to be (and mine too!) We do our best to get up there once a year for a visit. Sitting on the porch or inside to watch the sea is just perfect.


looking out at Cordova on a rainy day


mom’s flowers on the deck….


the zipline…. one of the kids favorite things!


bridges through the trees leading to the house


view from the zipline

The house is hardly viewable from the road since the majority of the trees were left intact. Even the deck was built around the trees. I love that. The zipline is a favorite past time. The girls especially love it. I love hearing the squeal of delight from the forest as they zip down the hill. The kids can play hide and seek for hours out there or walk down to the mud in low tide and look for treasures…… this year Miss Ten and her friend got their boots stuck and had to get some help from me and a few passing strangers to dig their boots back out of the mud. Surely a funny memory for years to come….. too bad I didn’t bring the camera when I ran down to help them šŸ™‚

Thanks mom & dad for another fun trip. I can’t imagine how quiet the house is without the whole lot of us there!

And a thank you to all my readers…… I’ve loved all the comments lately on the nature photos I’ve been posting from our Alaska trip šŸ™‚ For those of you who have just found this site….. I hope you stick around…..

For now, I am getting back to playing “kitchen” with my kids and drinking too much coffee on this lovely Sunday morning. 

See you next week!

One thought on “Grammy + Papa’s Treehouse

  1. I love your parents house!! I want one like that lol.
    ugh you guys should see the house you used to live in next to my parents. Bunch of hoodlums live there now. BOO!


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