Here is our collection of wildlife photos from our trip. I (and the kiddos) all l-o-v-e seeing the different animals that live in each place we are living/vacationing. And if you can imagine how "quiet" a mama and her four babes are while frolicking through the woods and along the seashore……. you can appreciate how thankful I am for seeing any wildlife! I do believe Miss Six sang her way through each and every hike…… at the top of her lungs – ahem. 

otter raft
Red Salmon
Sockeye (red) Salmon (cool life cycle info here)
sockeye trio
Sockeye (red) Trio of Salmon
Immature Bald Eagle
Tundra Swan
Did you ever wander how a swan itched it's beak?? 
Tundra Swans
Tundra Swan
Be sure to check out the links attached to the Tundra Swan & Immature Bald Eagle text to hear what they sound like, very cool. I may visit this post and play the Eagle sound when I miss Alaska…… one of my favorite sounds…… when Miss 10 was four years old we lived in Sitka, Alaska and she would make a sound very similar to an Eagle to "call" them to her. It was great……
See you tomorrow for my last day of Alaska photos…….. featuring "the treehouse" my parents live in 🙂

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