The Net Loft

One of the really wonderful things about visiting Cordova is going here……….

Hemlock yarn

hemlock yarn

Hanks of yarn

multi hanks




more yarn…..

the net loft

the net loft




and more yarn…….

Upstairs upstairs



First yarn

my first yarn

When I first lived in Cordova over ten years ago The Net Loft was truly that. A fine quality craft and yarn store nestled into the loft of a fisherman's boat shed at their home 6 miles out of town. The owner Dotty Widmann comes to Cordova each summer with her family and her husband commercial fishes. Her first tiny store was only open seasonally. But The Net Loft moved to town a few years back and is a much larger store and offers scrapbooking, loads of gorgeous yarn, needlework items, lovely gifts, classes for all ages and much more. It is open year round now, much to the delight of all the crafters in Cordova. You can look around in there for hours! Best of all though is the happy knowledgeable knitters and crafters that work there. And no one minds if you want to sit upstairs, make yourself some tea and knit in a quiet beautiful place….. the picture windows overlook the harbor…. it is truly serene up there.

On Wednesday evenings knitters get together for a few hours and visit upstairs while knitting. I got to go while I was here, all by myself, such a treat! (thanks mom & dad for wrangling the littles) I really had a wonderful evening with the ladies. I even met a fellow blogger/knitter/crafty mama. She is also a designer and you can some of her work here. Dotty made us tea and lemon shortbread. Yum. I was mesmerized by Dotty's spinning and she let me give it a try…… I made my first little piece of yarn…… which looks nothing like Dotty's beautiful spinning! But it was certainly fun.

I have a nice little bag of goodies I am bringing home from The Net Loft…… like that Hand Maiden skein in the first picture……. oh my, I do love this store!

5 thoughts on “The Net Loft

  1. Oooohhhh!Aaaaaaahhhhhhh! Oh to have a minute and some dollars to explore cool crafty places. I reeeeeaaaaaallyyyyyy want to learn to knit! I can use my knitting machine (once we move) but it’s not the same. When I tried to teach myself I kept increasing a stitch with each row and couldn’t figure out why! 😦


  2. It’s better to have someone teach you…… however if you are at all interested, I can send you a DVD I used when I first learned….. I got it from Amazon. It’s pretty good, and was very helpful. Not as good as a real teacher, but certainly a close second! Email me if you’re interested 🙂 Love to pass it on to you!


  3. It is a one of a kind store. So well put together, attractive & comfortable place to brouse. I have been there & was trully impressed.
    By=the=way, I have started slippers & would like the 2 youngest babies foot size. Love ya, Me


  4. That would be excellent!!! Thank you!!! Ok, but I don’t have outlook so I can’t email you using your email link… can you email me and I’ll send you my new address? We get our keys tomorrow!!! I, unfortunatly, am not as organized as you were and instead of having my house nice and boxed up by now, I’m running around like a headless chicken…so…no new blog updates on any of that.


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