A day at the sea……..

Trio of stars

sea star trio (we found them like this)


feisty crab, he may be small but he's got spunk!


sea star

Hank starfish

tidepooling dog


sea urchin


treasures on rocks


miss six's sea star

friend's urchin

our friend's sea urchin

ten's starfish

miss ten's sea star

friend's starfish

our friend's sea star


bird tracks

Mamas feet

mama's sea star

three's boot

mr three's boots

It was a minus low tide, meaning the water goes out further than usual, so we headed to look at sea creatures. We met up with friends at the beach and 7 kids were slipping and squishing through mucky mud to find their treasures. As you can see, a great day was had by all. Of course no sea critters were kept (or hurt) by our adventure…… just a lot of fun exploration.

2 thoughts on “Tidepooling

  1. OH fuuuun!!!! Reminds me of Homer without the mud! Yup, youre making me wanna go to Cordova more and more. Cause we all know how boring Anchorage is. lol


  2. This is my FAVORITE one!!! I LOVE tidepools!!! Beautiful sea stars! Have you ever just sat and watched crabs go about their day? Especially when they interact with other crabs…they’re so peopley! As are most animals when observed, but crabs surprised me. Made me proud to be a Cancer!


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