Outdoorsy (again!!)

We spent some time the last few days hiking "out the road". Cordova is an isolated community, meaning that you can't drive anywhere. If you want to visit another town you have to go by air or by sea. However, there are 50 miles of "road to nowhere". The final destination is beautiful Child's Glacier and the (multi) million dollar bridge.

The Million Dollar Bridge was damaged in the earthquake of 1964. When it was originally built in 1908, it cost a million dollars to build. It led miners out to a copper mine. Mining has come and gone here and now the town relies heavily on a good fishing season. A few summers ago the bridge was restored to it's former glory, leaving some of us (like myself) missing the picturesque old fallen bridge. It is a little easier to cross in your car now, though I am not sure where it is you are going…. the road ends a few miles after you cross.

We didn't make it all the way out to the glacier this year, but we did drive out the road to get out of the drizzly weather in town and enjoy some fun hiking. One of our favorite hikes is Pipeline Trail. The 3 mile loop is constructed of boardwalk and bridges to take you over the muskeg. Mr Three loved walking the planks and hiked mostly himself…… but when he was finally tuckered out he got to ride on mama's shoulders.

Getting out the road to let the kids run is always a perfect outing. Lots of space to run and play and Mom & I get to follow them and chat. Good stuff.


running free



Stop picking

riding on my foot while I pick berries

Hiking kids

on the trail


in the forest

miss ten's boots

boots – by Miss Ten

Carry me

Mr Three on my shoulders


blueberry boy

pipeline trail

everyone on the trail


pretty little bog flower



last day of picking



nursery tree in the woods

5 thoughts on “Outdoorsy (again!!)

  1. Great pics. Makes me want to be there, during the nice weather, that is. Yes, I love Mother Nature in all her finery there. The quiteness is awe inspiring. Have a good trip home & I look forward to more pics.


  2. Ok so living in Ak for 28 years and ive never been to Cordova. However, your pics are making me want to go. Beutiful pics ya got there lady 🙂 Looked like you guys have a wonderful time.


  3. What a wonderful place to visit , it definitely will be our next stop! Well, I don´t know when because we live in Brazil…
    Thank you for the beautiful pics! Your kids are very lucky for having this opportunity of living there!!!


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