another rock day……

As I began this post, I realized I had posted a similar day like this awhile back (here).

It was just (another) one of those days. 

For the girls… 

for my mom….. 

for me…. 

and especially for a very strong willed three year old boy. 

You know the kind of day where everyone is grumpy, the ATM doesn't work, and you have to leave the grocery store with a screaming tired toddler under your arm……….

So we bought lunch to go at Baja Taco and headed out to the beach to throw rocks. We had it all to ourselves. Just perfect.

It was high tide and seals were coming in to eat pinks and chums. They kept their distance but watched the kids play in the cold water. I am always amazed at my children's draw to wade in the water, no matter how cold it is.

We ran in the rocks and got wet and cold. 

And everyone felt better.

Cold very cold water….

Bootboots full of water - just one of those days…..

Seals harbor seals

Bridge Miss Six & Mr Three

Bird seagull

Happy Weekend to you!

4 thoughts on “another rock day……

  1. I think large freezing cold bodies of water attract kids. I remember a time when you guys came to visit us…I don’t remember what month it was, but it definitely wasn’t a beach friendly one. One day we went to the beach and you and I decided to go swimming. Our parents told us it was freezing, but we didn’t care and had a great time. Like mother like children 🙂


  2. I had a “Rock” day too…Flat tire on the way home. So, as I walked the 1.5 miles home it started to rain. Monsoon rain (and lightning of course). Twice as bad as S.E. Alaska rain! It was a 2 Rock day!


  3. great pictures! I have one of those three year olds at my house. He’s been feeling a little off lately too so his personality becomes stronger. It looks like you turned your day around though!


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