It’s a Wrap……. (a bit of a tutorial)

We had a few days of rainy weather……… so Mom & I finally gave in and rented a movie for the kids and took on a crafty project.

Mr. Three was in need of some R&R due to a yucky cold, so it was good timing to relax, hang out and sew together. Inspired by the book It's a Wrap we found at the local fabric shop, Mom & I both made wrap bowls. We made small basic bowls, but the book shows a lot of great oval, square and other fun shapes too. They were really fun (and easy) to make. I have grand illusions of making some from all my beloved Heather Ross scraps at home……. big baskets to hold toys and library books…… lofty goals, yes, but that's what goals are for right?

So here are some photos of our very fun crafty~rainy day event. Truly, it's a bit a tutorial too since it shows most of the steps in making these super fun shabby chic looking creations!


my beginning fabrics, both by Amy Butler

Base coil

base coil

Beginning sides

beginning the sides


sides are growing


wrap & pin….. again and again and again…….

Color change

adding a stripe


finished (mine)




And if you're feeling spunky, you can even wear it as a hat!!

7 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap……. (a bit of a tutorial)

  1. I’ve been wanting to try this for some time – but have always been kind of intimidated for some reason…. But you’ve inspired me to give it a go! 🙂 Your bowls are beautiful!


  2. 🙂 I really loved this project too and now save my odd trimmings in a big basket for these. Cotton cording is on my supply list and I hope to get another batch of these sewn up in the coming weeks. They hold up so well & you can even make really large ones too. Enjoy!


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