Vacation Thrifting

If you aren’t a thrift store junky. This post may convert you.

I love everything vintage and old, but truth be told sometimes vintage and old isn’t quite the best match when attempting to clothe 4 kids. I do brand name shop at thrift stores….. buying second hand well made items that I know will last through the much abuse my sweet babes can dish out! That being said, my first choice is always handmade. So, to come across a second hand  AWESOME handmade goody…….. well let’s just say it made my whole darn day!! 
I a-d-o-r-e Copper River Fleece. Last year my kids all picked out jackets for their birthday gifts and I even blogged about Mr Three’s Christmas blanket here. I have far too many items I refer to as “Jenny’s” (the owner and creator of Copper River Fleece) Her items are very fairly priced and made to last. So when Mom and I pulled up in front of the local Salvation Army on our way to the grocery store…….. and I looked into the front window to see a “Jenny” jacket proudly displayed……. my mom and I both flipped our lids. 
“Oh my gosh do you see that!?!” we asked each other.
“We have to be here tomorrow when it opens” says mom.
“5 minutes before at least” I say.
“I think it will fit Miss Six perfectly!!” says mom.
Next day we get there at exactly noon and the jacket is no longer hanging in the window. 
“Go in and check” mom tells me.
I do, and come out with the jacket (it was on the counter, it was waiting for me I swear!!) at a fraction of it’s new price…… it perfectly fits Miss Six. SCORE!! And it’s a perfect water resistant jacket for the mild winters (if you can even call them winters!) in Louisiana. Plus somehow being in a thrift store without three to four children in tow and getting to look a little closer than usual makes random goodies hop in your basket.
thrifted coat
Mr Three in his Copper River Fleece and Miss Six in her (thrifted!!) Copper River Fleece ~ 
Mr Three’s hat here and Miss Six’s borrowed hat here both made by the mama!
Like two handmade felted bowls and a sweet red little kitty/fox creature. Love them. 
thrifted goods
So, all that being said……. find your local thrift store and take a peek. Visit regularly. And one day you too will come across some sweet little treasure. Aside from being *green” thrift stores usually also do a LOT to support your local community. Check yours out!!
(And if you, or a little person in your life is need of a jacket, consider a handmade from Copper River Fleece just email them for kid goodies, they aren’t on her website. And please let them know Gypsy Forest sent you their way.)

One thought on “Vacation Thrifting

  1. Great find!!! I go to my White Elephant & Animal League thrift stores about once a week. I get a lot of my clothes that way. Sometimes I have to make a few alterations, but what the heck, it is certainly worth it for 1 or 2 dollars. It also, helps the community as you said. I am also a great one for goint to Estate & yard sales. Every once in awhile I find a great treasure.


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