Berry Picking

This summer we were lucky enough to be in Alaska just as all the berries ripened. 

We've been picking salmonberries and blueberries  (nice little photo guide here) and truly enjoying being out of doors. Donning rain jackets and well loved hand knits while playing in the mist and splashing in the puddles. Ahhhh, yes…..  summer in coastal Alaska!


picking at Grammy & Papa's


munch . . . . munch . . . . munch


Wild Alaskan Blueberries

watermelon berries

Watermelon Berries

i love this one

I love this one~

Mr Three eats more than he picks….. literally…. he eats as he walks and sneaks berries from our buckets as he tumbles past…. handfuls at a time. He competes with Grammy's dog, Hank, for berries on the bush. Hank also enjoys these sweet gems and he & Mr Three are just the same height. It's quite humorous to watch my 3 year old 35 pound brute attempt to muscle his way into a berry bush and (try) to push a 90 pound dog out of the way. "Move it" he yells with gusto….. we laughed and laughed at these two!

competition Can you spot the black lab helping Mr Three??

berry good lab

Hank eating Salmonberries

loves to eat berries

so yummy

berry forest fairy

the berry forest fairy

Miss Six picked a whole bucket of berries to take to a potluck picnic. She was rather insistent that she bring her own dish to share with everyone. She brought her hand picked berries and a bag of fresh snap peas to the potluck. 


so meticulous

We're slowly adding the berries to a bag in the freezer each time we pick a few. I love the feel of treasure hunting on our hikes and walks. We'll be taking these frozen berries home to make jam and jelly. With luck we hope these berries will be in a cooler next to some salmon and halibut too. Sustainable living at its finest!

the goods

Wild Alaskan berries.

"In all things of nature there
is something of the marvelous" 


5 thoughts on “Berry Picking

  1. I can smell the forest when I look at the pic’s! That earthy, moist, fresh smell! Of course add a little wet dog….and batta-boom…South East Alaska in your nose!


  2. just found you thru the comments on soule mama- your alaskan adventure intriuged me, so i headed on over to your blog- liking it very much! had to say that you should make notecards from your photos and sell them- especially that one of the many different alaskan berries!!
    looking forward to more!
    take care,
    unschooling mom
    eastern long island,ny


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