After two days of traveling…..


along the journey

and meeting up with Grammy (my mom) in Seattle….

and then flying to a tiny little fishing town in Alaska….

we arrived for a surprise.

My Dad thought he was picking up my mom from a week of work meetings……… All of us walked off the airplane, much to the surprise of my Dad, surprising him for his 50th birthday.


Miss 6 & her Papa

As usual in times of celebration, I fail to get many photos! But the photo of Miss 6 and her Papa perfectly shows the joy of us all.


so happy to run after 2 days of flying!

We'll be spending 18 days up here at Grammy & Papa's. While I may be on here a little less regularly then usual, I do hope you stop by to see why we're so excited to be at the treehouse on the sea.


Grammy & Papa's deck….

5 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. WOW! Those are some beautiful photos! Your Dad is young! Well, I guess I am the youngest in my family, so my Dad being 11 years older isn’t much of a stretch.
    Have fun!!!


  2. Awh, nice!!!! Yes, it is a Tree House at the Sea. Enjoy the cool weather. It has cooled off here to 101 today. This morning it was 73 at 5:30. Oh that was so nice considering it had not been below 80 for a low in several weeks. Give Your dad & mom a hug for me.


  3. Awwwww!! Another amazing post!!
    Enjoy your time with your precious family!!
    PS— You’ll have to see JULIE & JULIA! I think you’ll really get a “kick” out of it!!


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