Leapin’ Lizards

After nearly 2 months of living in the south….. the kids have perfected the gentle but quick art of catching lizards. 

We've had a fun time identifying the little critters and watching them. 

We have two types seen often here. In the evening and night we have the Mediterranean Gecko, sometimes called a house gecko. These guys hide in the brick of our house and crawl all over the windows of our door at night eating bugs. It is SO cool to watch. And they turn a light yellow white color at night…….

Itty bitty gecko
itty bitty mediterranean gecko ~ caught by Miss 10
Small one
the smallest ~ caught by Miss 6
Wall gecko
gecko on the lovely wallpaper in our kitchen – caught by Miss 10

And during the day we have the common Anole. These guys are usually bright green until you catch them….. then they turn a brownish grey color…. which The Eldest has told us means something to the effect of "Let me go you big Jerk!!"

Green guy
green anole
vw anole
mama's anole
mama's anole
Eldest's anole
Eldest's Anole

We always practice catch and release here 🙂 And we don't pester these little guys to much because after all, anything that eats the mosquitos is considered a dear friend!!

9 thoughts on “Leapin’ Lizards

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog by accident but had a lovely time looking around. The lizard in the first picture is so very tiny!!! Looks like fun …


  2. Once upon a time I had an anole as a pet… he was the coolest little guy. What fun to have them out in the local environment to watch them in their natural habitat. Er, I guess the kitchen isn’t exactly natural, but hey, whatever keeps the bugs away… especially the mutant ones you seem to have there! 🙂


  3. Remember when you where a child & caught lizards“““now you are having fun with your children doing it. History repeats itself! Awh! such memories.


  4. we haven’t had any lizards get in the house on their own….. they only make it in when the kids bring them in to show me! Fortunately we always get them back outside!


  5. I remember back in 2000 Zach and i went to Maui. The whole trip was awesome but i remember this one day we spent out on the deck watching all of these geckos and lizards play around. Was pretty cool. Course.. youd never see me touching them lol.


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