I noticed after downloading this mornings photos,
           there was certainly a color theme……

vw dragonfly
volkswagen & dragonfly
sweet potato leaves
sweet potato vines
lizard mail
lizard on our mailbox

All of this green inspired me to share a sort of recipe with you.

I call it a sort of recipe because I've never had it written down. And as far as I know neither has anyone in our family who makes it! This was one of the Daddo's favorite childhood memories. Eating Zucchini Stew made from the over abundant crop his mom grew in her garden each year. It has become one of our favorites too. 
And while it certainly isn't anything fancy, it warms our souls knowing we are yet another generation eating this soup and feeding it to our kids. 
So here it is:: (cooked up in a green pot too!)

Grandma K's Zucchini Stew
6-8 medium sized zucchini washed and sliced 
1 pound italian sausage (spicy or mild are both good)
italian seasonings or fresh herbs if you have them 
(like thyme, oregano, parsley, basil, rosemary…. I've even used sage too)
1 big onion diced
4 or more cloves of garlic minced
3 big cans crushed or diced tomatoes
water or broth
salt & pepper

**Slice & saute the sausage, onions & garlic until browned. Add the herbs and saute just a bit longer to soften up dried spices. Saute zucchini slices until browned. You can saute the zucchini with the sausage if your pan is big enough…. we usually saute the zucchini separately. Add the diced tomatoes and 1-2 cups or more of water depending on how you like your soup/stew consistency. Serve with crusty bread and a salad. YUM!!**

my favorite cast iron pot ~ it's huge
zucchini stew
I know this is a huge recipe, but this is the only way we ever make it. Besides, we love having leftovers. We've also added sauteed celery and peppers and other random vegetables…… but this is the staple recipe right here. It is even better for lunch the next day and freezes really well too for a great emergency dinner – like when you get caught up in a sewing project and suddenly get attacked by 4 hungry kids at 7 pm…… oopsie 🙂


2 thoughts on “Green

  1. I’m LOVING the green!!! Your post made me hungry! Guess what!! We are buying a house! For real this time!!! I waited till we knew for sure this time. I just posted about it! Come look.


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