we interrupt the planned post today to bring you this……

If anyone ever told me, what I am about to tell you, I may have never had children. I would have been so flabbergasted and afraid of the littles that I ~might~ have taken another path entirely…… 

Let me start by reminding you that the wee one is incredibly independent. He wants to do everything himself. He is also the naughtiest toddler I have ever met in my life.  I blame this entirely on the fact that his Father is an engineer and therefor by proxy he has an unnatural sense to figure out how everything works. Above and  beyond the typical child his age. Don't laugh, I'm not kidding!

So, that being said, here are the events of today.

The wee one is very into the toilet and flushing and trying to go potty. He was going in and out of the bathroom, which we wants to do all by himself. And I kept peeking in to make sure he wasn't being too naughty, standing guard at the bathroom door. (literally!) He had been curious about the new toilet and wanted to see the inside….. which I showed him after he repeatedly tried to lift the porcelain lid himself. And then told him never to look without mama's help. I thought we had reached an agreement…..

oh my, how wrong I was……

I hear a crash……..
I open the door……..
and my sweet little engineer is standing in water spraying from the back of the toilet with a shattered lid on the floor…
(no one was hurt)
The Eldest came to my rescue and swept the wee man out of the bathroom while I crawled on top of broken porcelain and under spraying water in attempt ~ with very wet slippery hands ~ to shut off the water……
at which point The Eldest holds his hands over the spraying water so I can use the bathroom rug to dry off the valve and finally get it turned off.
I'd like to say I kept my cool and laughed about this.
But that would be a lie.
I yelled.
I even swore. ("what the h*ll is wrong with this d*mn thing") when the valve would not shut off.
It was not a pretty moment.
And before things got too bad The Eldest looked at me laughing and said 
"At least it's clean water."   ~*laughter followed*~

During the entire event, Miss 6 sat happily at the table munching last nights homemade pizza leftovers. Miss 10 hardly looked up from her phone call from a friend. Craziness, apparently, is quite common here……..

But to my knight in shining armor who not once, not twice, but three times in the past week has jumped in to get his hands wet (or dirty) and help his mom with the toilet-week-from-h*ll. 

Thank You.

And yes, you can eat the rest of your brother's birthday cake. 

The Lid
it was a lid

(and Joe if you read this before you get home from work, I all ready called Lowe's to order a new lid)

16 thoughts on “we interrupt the planned post today to bring you this……

  1. YOWZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sad to say….but it’s probably a good thing you’ve moved……your wee one, and my wee one are WAY too much a like. They could really *really* wreak havoc together.
    Must admit….I did get a good belly laugh out of your post!!


  2. That is hysterical! Way to go “eldest”, I’m so proud of you. Oh “wee one” you are something! I must admit I’ve had my share of emotions from your house this morning, first an email that made me cry (very happy tears) followed by this which made me laugh hysterically. What a great way to spend a Saturday morning, and it included some great Alaskan coffee. Love you all!


  3. Oh my goodness! This reminds me of the little boy I used to babysit a few years ago. He wanted to see how much toilet paper could fit in the toilet. When he got to 100 he flushed. The upstairs toilet overflowed, onto the downstairs kitchen. New carpet and a new toilet were called in.
    Good job to you and Sam for handling this so well…and remembering to laugh.
    Love you!


  4. This is really funny, mostly because I only have to read about L’s toilet escapades. I am sure J related his own three year old toilet fix it. Only he “fixed” it with a hammer. I still remember going toilet shopping with J and Mom in the wooden-sided station wagon.


  5. I think it’s different for each kid….. our guy started at about 2 and a half…… I am hoping they are almost done!! Wishful thinking, I know…. but I have those days where I feel like I am communicating with a being from another planet! LOL. He doesn’t try to be naughty, he is just so darn curious πŸ™‚


  6. It is funny today……. it will be funnier once I get the part ordered….. the toilet was 2 days old! Argh!?!? He truly is a hilariously funny, sweet and inquisitive little guy…. but he sure does keep us all on our toes…. phew!


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