A hat for my boy……

I love birthdays.

The chance to focus all that love and affection on one special person. 

A day just for them.

Around here the birthday boy/girl gets to pick out their most favorite meal and dessert. They get pretty darn spoiled for one whole day and they love it!

I enjoy the opportunity to create something special for them. Focusing on one or two handmade goodies. I tend to overdo this around the holidays and end up finishing things at the last minute. This happens with 4 kids, and good friends and a sweet husband….. and just a whole heck of a lot of folks that I love πŸ™‚

But birthdays are different, especially the birthdays of your growing little ones.

This is the wee one's birthday hat. 

Knit for my wild little boy with the dark chocolate eyes and mischievous grin. This sweet little babe who (just like his siblings) has stolen our hearts and changed our world. Who is growing too fast. I swear each one grows quicker! Thoughts and memories flooded my mind and heart as I knit it up. Just the way handmade goodness is supposed to be πŸ˜‰

flat hat



The yarn is green & blue from Purewool. This yarn is some of the softest wool I've knitted with. I got it from a yarn co-op and I ended with with fingering weight…. oops….. so I doubled it up when I rolled it into a ball and knitted with the double strand. 

Wool in Louisiana?? Of course πŸ™‚ Actually this hat is super lightweight and the wee man (much to the delight of his mama) is a lover of hats. It will be perfect for cool days this coming winter. 

Knit from this pattern. (I started decreasing at 4 inches.) I made the brim of the hat a wee bit bigger (2 inches) so he could wear it rolled up like a little fisherman. I can't wait to get some photos of it on his birthday…… hopefully he appreciates this more than the shorts (longies) I made him a while back. 

More birthday crafting to come……. I've got 8 more days to fill with handmade goodness before the big day! 

4 thoughts on “A hat for my boy……

  1. That is such a sweet post!!!
    L is taking a class at Yarn Harbor in August. She really really wishes J was here to accompany her!!!! She recruited another friend…. : )
    Happy Summer!!


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