Be Still

These two words sure pack in a whole lot of meaning.

I came across this and it tossed a little reality my way.
Easy mama. 
Slow down. 
Be still.
Kids do this naturally. I watch my own ebb and flow with moments of productivity, or destruction if we are talking about the wee one 🙂 And then moments of calm. The being still part. Sometimes it's gazing out the window. Laying in beds or on the couch day dreaming. Doing nothing.
Now these moments don't last too long…… but they take it upon themselves to give their minds and hearts a little break…… a little still….. when they feel the need.
A lesson I am still working on. 
That being said……
I am going to enjoy a bit of being still while the babes in my house are still asleep.
No knitting. No computer. Just the birds chirping, a cup of coffee and the still.
I hope you find the time to do the same.
on the picnic table this morning

4 thoughts on “Be Still

  1. You have the picture!! At your parents I enjoy watching the Flat Screens(as they call them). That’s the picture windows looking at Gods wonderful creations. What a wonderful calming effect.


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