Miss 6 and the pet

Miss 6 "Mama, I need my own pet."

Mama "But we have two pets all ready."

Miss 6 "But they aren't MY pets."

Mama "They're our whole family's pets."

Miss 6 looks at mama, quite annoyed and not amused or swayed in her requests.

Mama "What kind of pet do you have in mind?" 

Miss 6 "A bunny."

Mama "hmmmm…… what about fish?"

Miss 6 "My own fish?" she stopped to think for a minute, clearly still hoping for the bunny  "Can I pick them out MYSELF?"

Mama "Yes."

Miss 6 "Can we get them NOW??"
Introducing, the new pets. Two Betta fish picked out by Miss 6. After several days they finally got perfect names. She wrote down lists of names with a little help from her big brother and sister. And f-i-n-a-l-l-y she announced to us that the purple one would be named Golden Angel because it was very pretty and the blue one is Silent River because it was blue, of course.

new pets
In their new home with a dividing wall so they can't fight….. 
…..they do blow bubbles at each other.

two fish
Fish are not easy to photograph…..

This is Golden Angel (Silent River refused to be photographed)

Mama "How do you feel about having your own pets?"

Miss 6 "I feel good because my sister has her own pet (Jasper) and I can take care of them myself and I can make the rules about them because they are my own pets."

Mama "What is the best thing about having fish?"

Miss 6 "You only have to feed them two pebbles every other day and I don't have to clean up their poop."

Mama "Is there anything else you want to say about your new pets?"

Miss 6 "I like them. It's fun to watch them swim and watch their fins and gills move. They are really good pets. Is that all your questions??"

Mama "Yes."

Betta fish are inexpensive and super easy to care for. (and I am very thankful the pet store did not sell bunnies) Here is some basic info if you are interested :) 

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