Dancing in the Rain

I now know the meaning of torrential downpour. 

Sure, I've seen my fair share (and then some) of darn good rain storms. But this was pretty impressive.

One minute it was blue skies….. then the wind picked up….. then the sky darkened….. and thunder and lightening rolled in with buckets of water. It was more than just rain drops….. literally like pouring water out of a bucket. 

Needless to say the kids loved it and all but the eldest got soaked. The wee one especially got a kick out of it…. running, biking and dancing in the rain. 

90 degrees and humid turned into 75 and rainy. You gotta love it. Best of all it stopped and the sun came out after dinner making the bike riding puddle splashers especially happy. We've never lived somewhere that had warm rain…..

I must admit….. I am really starting to like Louisiana rain.

little biker

sans helmet – bad mama – I know 


splish splash


run baby run

miss 10

even the big ones dug the rain

rain drops

love those raindrops



loves it

he LOVED it

So, if you get the chance…… dance in the rain….. or at least take pictures of your kiddos doing it 🙂

4 thoughts on “Dancing in the Rain

  1. I remember Susi, Mona and I in Atlanta in a down pour. People looked at us like we were crazy, but it was so much fun. The strange looks were especially obvious once we got on the elevator in our nice hotel.


  2. AHH thats awesome. I love rain. Looks like so much fun. I especially love the fact that you guys still have Alaska plates on your VW. LOL


  3. Awh! I can relate. We have the same thing happen here. My first experience with the down pours I danced in the rain, also. Than I found out how dangerous the lighting can be. I have a very large patio where I sit during the down pours & enjoy the mist. It is much safer that way instead of taking a chance of getting hit by lighting. I love all the work you guys have accomplished thus far. Yes, what a difference. I really enjoy all the pictures.


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