a little progress

First, thank you all so much for your kind words in reply to my last post!! 

My funk reminded me of my favorite mantra “You are where you need to be”…… a tough one to remember at times…..  but a darn good one 🙂
So with that, here are some snapshots of the weekend progress.
kneepads are a must!
2 new doors, fresh paint and the floor mostly done…..
the tools
merlot & bamboo
after a long day…… doesn’t merlot go nicely with bamboo?
bathroom tunes
playing for the wee one in the tub 
(in our very yellow bathroom, the tub&tile are also yellow!)
this morning – kitty loves the view from the new doors……
So there you have the progress! 
Not quite as much as we had hoped…… but that’s okay. We took a much needed break and hung out all Sunday afternoon at a friend’s pool. The kids had fun and we relaxed….. I think we were beginning to forget how to do that!
I learned how to use the saw….. and we made a good team cutting pieces…. measuring and pounding these boards in. I really thought these would go together like big legos……. and they do….. but it’s more like big ill fitted legos. At least, I don’t recall using a hammer to put my legos together as a kid…… We sorted the boards into three piles. Blonde, honey & unique. This way we would make sure we didn’t get big areas of the same color. We used the piles to place the boards and we LOVE the natural variegated look. Plus we got to put the unique ones in spots we knew we’d see them. Once we got half the room done, we both stood back, admired it and agreed it would all be worth it…… the time…. the mess…… the work and the tools living in the house.
The once dark den is so much brighter with the light coming in the new doors and the bamboo and the sunny paint…. and we’re excited to see it all come together. 
Wether it’s this weekend or two weeks from now. 

8 thoughts on “a little progress

  1. Great job!!! Once you have your blood, sweat, and tears into this house you’ll have a harder time moving again..I’ve always wanted a fireplace!! when do you think they use that down south. Maybe the first week of January LOL!!!New york isn’t having a summer this year. 70’s and rain twice a day. Send us some heat…thanks.


  2. LOVE IT!!!
    WOW! You guys make quite a team! (I always knew that)
    We just got back from our trip “out west” = Had a great time!
    Haven’t checked your blog in awhile! Always Fun to read!
    HUGS to you!!


  3. You go girl 🙂 I know how frustrating that stuff can be. So far I’ve only attacked a supremely aqua-green bathroom, and a ugly wallpapered kitchen, but it really does pay off when you’re done 🙂 I wish we could do that kind of flooring here…our house is very very crooked so a floating floor is not a good option- gaps galore! ah well, linoleum and tile is about as far as we’re going here, and I’m still thinking about it….maybe just the hallway first 🙂 🙂 it looks gorgeous!!! 🙂
    oh and PS I love your kitty, he looks just like mine 🙂 🙂 Tuxedo cats have superpowers, you know. I read on the internet that they can drive a car in an emergency. 🙂
    well here’s to another grand adventure, and making your living space YOUR OWN. 🙂 congrats, it looks beautiful! 🙂


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