In a funk…

Writer's Block? Blogger's Block?

Whatever it is….. I am definitely feeling in a funk. It's always a challenge after we move to get settled into a groove. A rhythm. 
This time is no different than the others before it, and we survived all those times, and eventually thrived in our new home.  (I keep telling myself this)

And things are ever so slowly coming together. The big kids have all met some friends on our street and have spent big chunks of their days playing, swimming and hanging out on porch swings getting to know them.

I'd love to say I've been hanging out in a hammock in the backyard reading a book to the little ones….. but to tell you the truth it is too darn hot to be outside. 90 degrees plus humidity is….. shall we say….. hell….. not so nice! So, much like Wisconsin in February……. I'm feeling a bit of cabin fever from being stuck inside!

But, each day the house is a little bit more unpacked…. though the going is slow now. 
And each day we get a little bit more done on the renovation process. Boy has 
that been an adventure…….. for example last night I helped Joe put the french 
doors into the den when he needed a "door holder" (have you ever seen a person barely over 5 feet tall hold up a set of french doors….. I know it was amusing by the half grin on his face) while  cooking dinner and making sure the wee one was not climbing on the tower of flooring boxes that has taken over our front entry way. He thinks we built it for him no matter how hard we try to convince him otherwise…. Front door? What front door? Oh, it's behind the 76 boxes of bamboo flooring…….. and did I mention that when you take a sliding door out of the side of your house it leaves a sizable gaping hole. And what comes in the hole at 6 pm? 
Lots and lots of mosquitos.
*insert scream here*

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the renovations…. and I am *hoping* that we get the den finished this weekend so I can finally share a photo of our progress with you….. just tearing up the icky old carpet has made such a difference. Underneath it's cracked 1970's terrazzo tile…… but it is so much better than carpet!

At this moment I am going to swallow my pride and show you a few pictures of the work. The messy side of getting the job done…….. 


behind door number one……

chipping out the old sill….
goodbye broken sliding glass doors ~ hello mosquitos!
1300 square feet of bamboo is a lot.
……and did I mention the mess?!!?

In the meanwhile life seems full of mundane tasks. 
Laundry – cooking – dishes – tidy up. 

I want to hide in the closet and knit. I'd try sewing, but the extension cord protruding from the under the door would surely give me away. 

Maybe I'll just sit in there and eat ice cream. 

12 thoughts on “In a funk…

  1. Nice Reno Pic’s…. I can honestly say I have and do feel your pain in renovation area. In a few months you’ll look back at the before pics and be in disbelief at the change. Hang in there.


  2. I completely agree with Kris. Its a pain right now but its oh so nice when its done. And you can sit back and drink some wine and smile at all the beautiful work youve done youself. Its a good feeling!! As for those tiles under your carpet. OMG i had the same issue.. horrible horrible nasty crap it was. Reminded me of school flooring. BLEH! hang in there πŸ™‚ Things will start to look up.


  3. You should hide and sew a little- changeof pacemight help with your funk. Try double gauze in the humidity- that’s what it’s for! Just got a counter offer on a house in a quaint, cute town! We countered back and are looking at mooooore homes while we wait!


  4. ahhh hang in there sweetie i realized it takes me a year to LOVE where i live and mourn the place i left ( though id say 2 years here cuz i count starting from the day i left housing lol)i actually mourn i miss the smells and sights and sometimes id weep in the shower over it 😦 being hot is not pleasant especially humid ick!!!! but looking at your pics and reading your blogs man you are going to have your zen soon enough im so excited to see the jungle you are going to have growing in your yard from all that humidity i bet you could grow some cool things the kids can make a really cool teranium with critters … potatoes are fun to plant i have about 100 plants right now( plant fish parts first you will be amazed at the difference) i hope you will give me pep talk next spring when we move and im pretty positive its going to be to a hot and humid southern state….. big hugs to you renee


  5. hi there. i love your new banner! no need to swallow pride! i LOVE renovation before/during/after photos! (i have a bunch of those on my own blog!)the bamboo will look great!
    hugs on the funk. we’ve all been there.
    maybe you have said why before, but what prompts your frequent moves?
    ice cream sounds like a good plan, as does some sewing time?


  6. oh thanks…. that is a favorite snapshot of my girls toes…. perfectly captures summer for me! the frequent moves come from my hubby’s job….. we really do like to see all these different parts of the country, but getting settled in is always a tough transition….. add to that remodeling…… I think we like to pile a lot of stuff on our plates around here. LOL


  7. ugh….. I think Joe wanted to use dynamite here! ha πŸ™‚ but so far it’s only been a sledge hammer….. which I think is equally fulfilling for him…. I never knew he’d like to deconstruct (aka destroy) things so much!


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