Blueberry Mango Popsicles

I think I mentioned the lack of organic produce here…….boy was I spoiled to have a health food co-op to shop at in Minnesota. To say I miss it would be an understatement……. but we're adapting and doing our best with what's available. Frozen organic blueberries is one treat we splurge on. It's so hot here they are eaten by the handful as a (very messy) snack and always make there way on top of granola or oatmeal. But to up our fruit intake a bit I threw these together. Nothing fancy, but they were a huge hit with the kids and the parents found them pretty darn yummy too :) 

Thew wee one may look like he is in pain, but insists on biting his popsicle in order to eat it as fast as possible….. which is of course painfully cold……. doesn't slow him down a bit…. his plan is to eat all of his and then look at his siblings with big sad brown eyes while pleading "more pweeze??"…… 

(and it usually works for him too!)


~so cold~

Gypsy Mama's Popsicles

1 very ripe mango peeled & cut up 

1 cup whole milk yogurt or kefir (we used kefir) **

1 Tbsp lime juice

1 cup blueberries

maple syrup, honey or sugar to suit your taste. we used 2 Tbsp of honey in ours…….

Blend up all ingredients and freeze in popsicle molds….. or whatever those make your own popsicle things are called……


~oh so yummy~

You can also blend up everything except the blueberries and drop those in a few at a time as you pour the blended mix into the popsicle mold…. makes them look very pretty according to my girls.

Enjoy and stay cool……. 

Oh yeah, and if you haven't seen this, check it out. It's a good resource for knowing what you should definitely buy organic.

**I have not purchased kefir from this business/website, but this is exactly what the kefir looks like that I have. I got my starter free from a friend….. as it grows you have to split it up and give it away…. if you ask around you may find a friend who would be willing to share. We love kefir on our granola or blended up with fruit as a drink. Yum!

3 thoughts on “Blueberry Mango Popsicles

  1. He is sooo cute! I love the colors for the sweater too. Tell Jader that Hailey ran past me a 100 miles an hour the other day, stopped, ran back and said, “is Jader here?” I said no and she sadly sad, “ohhhh, see ya.” and ran off.


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