leaf miners and new yarn…..

Yup. It's a random posting.

But hey, life is random these days in our house.

Crazy hot weather……. lots of wall painting (the good kind) and little bits of knitting. Some gardening. A wee bit of unpacking here and there and a whole lot of tearing up carpet. Doesn't that sound fun? 

We've been making 2-3 trips a week to Lowe's for house stuff. It's an hour roundtrip which means an hour of uninterrupted knitting for me. 

I love it.


I've been working on the same project for a few weeks now…. a cap sleeve sweater for Miss 10. I altered this free sweater pattern just a teensy bit in hopes it will work out for her. If not, I suppose the sweater will be for the mama instead, which isn't necessarily a bad thing 🙂 The yarn is cotton, my first time knitting with it. Up until now I've been a wool girl….. 

….speaking of wool I just got my l-o-n-g    a-w-a-i-t-e-d yarn from a co-op back in March. As soon as I saw it I knew it was worth the wait. 16 skeins of gorgeous merino superwash from purewool. The colors are so awesome and it feels so soft to the touch. I am looking forward to knitting with it…… though I have no idea what we will wear made from wool down here!! 



I also started tomatoes, herbs and peppers from seed because I read you could start a fall garden here. It is strange to be starting seeds in the middle of the summer, but I am excited to be starting a garden again. We've moved 3 summers in a row….. so it's been awhile since we've grown our own food.

baby plants 

And now on to the Leaf Miners that have taken up residence in my new plants….. 

I had to look online to identify the funky looking trail they make on the leaf. Apparently they aren't too bad…. just have to pinch of the leaves of the infected plants and hope they go away….. well here's hoping…..

leaf miners

Within the month we'll be building a raised bed for winter squash, sweet potatoes and lots more. We don't get a frost here until late December (if at all) so I should have plenty of time to have a good crop. With the lack of organic produce, gardening seems all the more appealing for us!

I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!

3 thoughts on “leaf miners and new yarn…..

  1. We had a wonderful 4th, thank you. Hope you did also. Love the choice of colors for the yarn. Happy Knitting. I look forward to making you all slippers & appreciate you asking. Since your weather is HOT now, they will be forcoming for cooler weather & I am more in the mood for knitting.
    The Elephant Lady.


  2. Thank you! I apparently have leaf miners too but didn’t know what it was and haven’t had a chance to try and figure it out. You’ve saved me some research. Thanks for sharing!


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