Oh My

Life with 4 kids is crazy…… sometimes things just go awry despite the best of intentions….. 
and all you can do is laugh.

It all started while shopping for flooring at Lowe's.

We met up with one of Joe's coworkers (Jenn) and she was getting a fridge delivered to her new house.
Lowe's couldn't deliver it until 3 or 4 days later and being fridge-less was proving to be no fun for her and her two daughters so Joe offered to take the fridge home in our trailer since she lives just s street away from us. Sounds good enough right?
Here's where things go bad. The wee one missed his nap….. we all ended up eating a really late lunch…. and we drove home in a crazy thunder storm. The grownups are trying to get this huge fridge through a small door and the wee one locks himself in the bathroom at the Jenn's house….. we coax him to unlcock the door and then I load up my kids and we head home… the kids and I to stay and Joe to head back to bring some tools. 
I go to change a very stinky little boy. Slip off the shorts and……. 
No diaper. A very messy bottom…… but no diaper.
"Joe" I yell. 
"I think he took his diaper off in Jenn's bathroom!?!?"
He looks at me, horrified.
Nothing like a first impression you know.
So Joe heads back over….. and everyone looked everywhere for the diaper.
No luck.
In the meantime I bathe the wee one….. Miss 10 is with Joe. Miss 6 is playing in her room.
And then the eldest walks into the kitchen and yells..
"got it" and begins laughing.
Seems that the wee one decided to take off his diaper in the kitchen.
At least it wasn't at Jenn's.

7 thoughts on “Oh My

  1. oh that is funny i was anticipating the diaper to be in the fridge lol!!!! little boys they keep us young….. thank you for the laugh


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