funny road trip notes…..

Hello friends!

I've missed this place…. but I assure you I have some darn good excuses for being gone so long 😉 Unpacking and cleaning an entire house while taking care of 3 sick kids….. oh last week was a l-o-n-g one…… let's not even talk about the heat yet! The good news however is that when a stomach virus rolls through a house with no appliances, a brand new washer and dryer get purchased pretty quickly! And I am so excited to have a set of blue front loading machines in my laundry room! Why blue you might ask? Because they were discounted $200 each. So blue became our first choice rather quickly. Love them 🙂

We are still getting settled and organized…. I am sure it will take some time to get completely settled in….. and we're making a huge to-do list of renovation projects…. all of which I will share here as they happen, just for fun!

But back to the road trip for a bit, I've been keeping a mental list of some funny little road trip tidbits…  

1. When leaving Wisconsin Miss 6 stated "Well, I guess we're homeless now, I mean we do live in our car right?" 

2. When driving through Mississippi, Miss 10 spelled it forwards…… backwards….. and then "said" it backwards…… which resulted in a gasp and then much laughing between the two of us…… oopsie 🙂

3. Note to self….. camping with the cat proved to be easier than camping with a 2 year old….. who knew?!?

4. How many people can sleep in a 1976 VW bus? The answer to that is….. during a thunderstorm the big kids from the tent will pile into the bus making the final tally 6 people, one dog and one cat. Don't even ask me where we put them all…. It was 2 a.m. and I forgot. But the next morning there were kids and animals everywhere.

5. Always travel with your own coffee and good chocolate, even when it melts, it makes the day long driving craziness so much more enjoyable 🙂

6. 1,471 miles of listening to the soundtrack of Pete's Dragon is a lot. The girls & I now know every word to every song….. but the wee man was rather insistent on not changing the CD…. and since compromising isn't his strong point…… he won!
7. Miss 6 asked "are we to our campground yet" at least 72 times. I know this because Miss 10 and I started counting after the first day.

8. "If you hear the sirens go off, there's a tornado and y'all need to get your family into the bathrooms" our KOA campground host told us as we arrived, just near Memphis, Tennessee. Oh dear. Dorothy? Toto? Here we come…… (thankfully we did not hear any sirens…. phew!!)

and lastly, because this is the Daddo's favorite…….

9. After driving for 4 hours (on the third day of the trip) Miss 10 decided to check off e-v-e-r-y  s-i-n-g-l-e  m-i-l-e  m-a-r-k-e-r  on her map. Somehow this made the last hour and a half of the trip that day seem very, very long. (and it still makes the mama giggle!)
Thanks for sticking around during my absence. Coming up in the next few days is a bug post….. oh my do they have some bugs down here in the south. Thankfully, the great people here make up for the heat and creepy crawlies. The folks we've met so far have been so nice. I've truly never felt more welcomed 🙂

19 thoughts on “funny road trip notes…..

  1. I love reading your blogs. I always laugh no matter what my mood is. Makes me miss hanging out with one of my oldest friends! Hopefully youre able to come to my wedding next summer. Would be so great to see you. And then maybe youd blog something funny about that day 🙂


  2. Waiting for you to write a new entry is like waiting all week for your favorite show to come on. After several days of checking in and no new stories…FINALLY, Now where is my glass of wine… Say Hello to the Family for me. Hope your all feeling better.


  3. I can’t begin to tell you the sadness from the boy across the street. I have never seen anything like it…he still cries and keeps telling me every nite that the animal spirit world is crying too….
    Sophie & Jade Adam misses you so much


  4. Nope, no exact date is set yet. He’s being a butthead about everything..He thinks this wedding is going to cost $20k at the least. LMAO!! That makes me laugh so hard. Guess its not really THAT funny cause he is kind of freakin out about it. But im crafty and can make this look as great on a budget. Once i get a date i’ll let you know 🙂


  5. I had a no frills wedding for under 5k……. including the reception….. but that was a little while ago…. lol we had friends in Cordova that had their ceremony outside on a boardwalk at a bird estuary…. all the way down the boardwalk were mason jars filled with wild flowers….. the reception was a huge group of friends that got together to cook all the food….. it was really beautiful and fun and I am sure cheap too!


  6. Ya know.. ive been pricing catering places.. HOLY F**K are they expensive!!! $65 a plate. PFFFT! That was one of the cheaper places. Sooo what i was thinking was having people bring food like a potluck or something. That way there will be a variety of different foods. 🙂


  7. we did our reception potluck style too….. halibut & pasta salad and some great hor devoures (I have no idea how to spell that – lol) plus we bought a few kegs of beer and a case or two of wine….. all that, including the cake, was under 2k……. and besides a no frills wedding is so much more relaxed…. I wouldn’t change a thing about mine 🙂


  8. Love to..Maybe in the spring.Its the least hectic time of year for me.Maybe not so hot down there.I’ve been virtual traveling. I like that your only 90 minutes from new orleans.Wish we lived a little closer. I haven’t seen the little ones except in pictures. =(


  9. Thanks for making me laugh. I knew that a cat traveled better than a two year old and I’ve never traveled with a cat. I love the picture of the partial dragon fly. You have such a great way with words.
    Deb D.


  10. Joe brought home a little critter cage for Sophie and she is determined to catch a yellow lizard tonight. They crawl up by the lights on the patio and eat mosquitos. They’re the color of glow in the dark paint. So cool! I’ve been working on that sweater for Jade. It’s cotton and short sleeve so I’m sure she’ll wear it here…… definitely knitting weather. Inside with the AC is a good spot to be 🙂


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