And so it goes…..

Saying goodbye…. yet again….

Taking one last look, taste, feel of everything I love. 

Just in case.

In case I never get the chance to return to this place that has been my home these last two years.
A place so cold…. so ridiculously cold…..
A place I kept my first chickens…… learned to knit……. and make wine.
Where the homesteading life planted it's seeds in soul…..
My wee babe taking his first steps…..
Taking the plunge into the world of homeschooling and loving hanging out with 4 wild children all day long….. so many memories.
To the sweetest kid ever who lived across the street from me, we will miss you!!
Watching Miss 10 turn into an amazing musician with the help of the best music teacher ever, Sara Softich. Oh Miss Sara, Miss 10 will never, ever forget you. You helped her find the music in herself, something she will have forever, thank you so very much.

To Deb, Patty, Theresa & Sara F :: I know we didn't get together to knit as often as we'd have liked, but the times we did will always be fond memories. And knitted wire socks will always and forever be funny. This still makes me laugh until my eyes fill with tears…… did anyone ever fill Sara in on that meeting??

To all of you from Lincoln Park Co-op……. this year homeschooling with you all as a group of friends has been fabulous. I will miss all the great kids and the diverse group of parents. I had so much fun getting to know you all! 

And to everyone, remember next February when it is still below freezing in the midwest, the weather will be warm at my place and I make a darn good margarita!

This place will always hold a warm spot in my heart…. like the many before it and those to follow.
Sweet memories.

At a time in my life years ago when my heart was filled with loss and love a wise old man said to me ::
"It hurts huh"
"Yeah" I said, choking back tears.
"That's how you know it's real" he says softly to me.
These words touch my soul and so many times in my life I revisit them and apply them to the current situation. Everything in life worth something has some pain….. some raw true feelings…. lovers, babies, friends, life and loss. All of it is amazing.

Thank you to all of you who have made this real. 

You will truly be missed.

Last sunset on 12th street
our last sunset on 12th street………

4 thoughts on “And so it goes…..

  1. Gosh, you’re making us all cry!
    Both my parents were raised in the Army, and I know it was hard for them to move so often. I think it’s nice that things have changed so that it really is easier to keep in touch.
    Safe journey!


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