Packed Up

Living Room

rolling out the red carpets… (and blue)


the bus, our home on wheels πŸ™‚

In to the truck.

into the truck it goes….

All of our stuff was loaded up and driving away on a big truck last night. Miss 6 wants to follow the big truck to make sure our stuff is okay. The wee one walked into his room and yelled "Hey, they take my new bed!!" (fortunately he recovered quickly!) Now he is running through the house squealing and thoroughly enjoying the echo of his voice!

We've got a weekend of cleaning ahead of us and unbeknownst to my babes, a surprise party in their honor thrown by all their homeschool buddies on Sunday. 

A busy weekend for sure :) 

Then, by Wednesday of next week we'll be on the road! Packing up is my least favorite part of moving….. but now that it's over the open road is calling my name. We plan to take 5 days to drive down to Louisiana and we'll be camping 3 of the 4 nights. I've never camped with a cat before……. so I am pretty darn excited to get that experience under my belt (and behind me, I must admit). We haven't traveled with a cat in over 10 years….. so any tips would be much appreciated!

Hope your weekend is lovely….. 

9 thoughts on “Packed Up

  1. Oh! such an Adventure! Where are you staying now that you have an empty house?
    Cats—-Keep it in the cage. Maybe you could make a little sand box in the cage.


  2. Remember when we moved to Alaska and Jake had to rescue your cat out from under that huge rosebush?
    This is the exciting and emotional part of a move, when it all starts becoming real, both the anticipation of the adventures ahead and the sadness of leaving all your new friends and the comfort of a place that could have easily remained your home for many years.
    Enjoy your weekend and all the hugs and tears that will most likely be included.
    Love you! I’ll be thinking about you lots!!


  3. hahahah camping with a cat let me know how that goes!!!!!! i love the pics of the bus it has such personality…. good luck and be safe my friend cant wait to see yournew lifein the deep south… renee


  4. Wow! That’s awesome!
    Today is my baby’s 1st birthday! So we are trying to make today special for him…first “big boy” chair…from ikea-he helped Daddy set it up, first banana pancakes, playing with weird poofy decorations I’m making for his family party tomorrow and friend party next week… Good stuff! πŸ™‚
    That’s so cool about the party! I hope we have a good unschooling community where we’re moving (someday moving…no prospects yet)
    Have a good move! πŸ˜€ So exciting!


  5. we’ve got a little sandbox for him in his kennel…. and we have air mattresses to stay at the house until we leave….. no hotel can beat a yard and a full kitchen!!


  6. oh dear….. I do remember!! I hope we don’t have a repeat of that experience!! So far Jasper has been totally mellow about the chaos. He was locked in the bathroom for 2 days when the movers packed & loaded and he never even meowed!?!? He didn’t even try to escape when we went into the bathroom to check on him…. he just looked at us and jumped down of the dog kennel for a scratch. What a weird cat he is!


  7. thank you…… keep laughing about the cat…… and someone asked me why I wasn’t bringing the chickens!!! seriously!! 4 kids, a dog and a cat is plenty! LOL


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