The list of things to do is dwindling, but as the house gets mostly organized and cleaned up and dozens of bags go to the Good Will…… it gets hard to keep a room tidy. Feeling as if I have helpers following me around to undo what I am doing gets frustrating. I get a room done and walk in later that day to discover it a mess. Argh. The weather is nice, but a mama can only banish the babes outside for so long before they wander back in one at a time to see what I am doing. To get a snack. To get a drink. To go potty. To help mama. After all it must be exciting if I've been doing it for days on end…..I assure them it is not exciting….. but they need to be by my side….. so I work on my relaxing breathing and take a still shot of my life.

It's crazy. 








All the things I love. Breathe in…. breathe out…. *sigh*……. smile. 


A bird that got stuck in our garage….. just as I snapped this photo it flew out of Miss 6's hands…. 

One thought on “Still

  1. Wow! Tomorrow is “movers are here!” day. I’m sure you can’t count all the different emotions going on in all of you. I’ve been thinking about you a lot. Savor the excitement and memories. Love you! Mom


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