Two Frog Day

Outside chores are always my favorite. We have this huge clothes line here and I can hang up 3-4 loads of laundry all while I watch the kiddies run from the willow tree…. to the sand pile….. to the clubhouse. And on the weekends as I hang laundry the Daddo mows over 2 acres of grass. Wee man goes up on the tractor for awhile and then hops down to run and then back up on the tractor….. he wears ear phones to protect his ears and he usually falls asleep for his nap on their too. (disclaimer ** it is a riding mower, but wee man calls it a tractor so now we all do!)

These spring froggies were spotted while doing outside chores.
We are a critter loving family so we were pretty stoked about having, as miss called it, "a two frog day!"
The kids of course adored the opportunity to see two totally different types of frogs.
And after much research we've decided that one is a Wood Frog and one is a Cope's Gray Treefrog (you have to click on the sound on the link, it's too cool!) And yes the little green tree frog croaked at us and puffed up his little throat. Awesome!
I loved watching the kids all take turns holding these little creatures….. naturally gentle and very conscious of this itty bitty life. They took special care to let them go in just the right spot.

Woodfrog hand
the wood frog

Heather ross woodfrog
wee one's first frog

Woodfrog grass
letting him go

one last look
later that afternoon……
in the hands of Miss 10

wee one's second frog (in the same day!)

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