Thank goodness for a little rain. 

I am finally making some progress in my *~simplify~* madness. 

My kids are joking "don't leave something lying around right now or mom will throw it in the Good Will bag!!"

We have packers come, but they tend to use a ridiculous amount of paper. So to lessen our environmental impact, we pack some stuff ourselves. And I packed up my fabric. 7 boxes of it. I think I *might* have a problem here…… 7 boxes?!?! Is there a fabric anonymous support group anywhere?? I may need to join….. 

I told my Aunt (a fellow fabric addict) "some women get their hair done, buy shoes & shop for clothing, I buy fabric." 

Of course when one has to box it all up and have their husband come in and see a monstrous pile of boxes lining the wall in the bedroom and my sheepish grin…. Oy! Lucky for me my guy is a VW addict…. so he's probably got 7 (or more) boxes of tools :) 

Packing up the fabric ensures I won't get distracted and sew anything in the next few days…..

….on another note….. a cheaters note….. any of you fabric addicts know that packing fabric is pure joy. You get to look at all your fabric stash!!

But we're down to counting days here. Trying to get things cleaned up and trying to go through every little nook of our belongings. Pare things down. It's such a monumental task and the unfortunate thing about moving often is that I don't save a lot for later. I used to…… but with 6 people worth of "later" in the closets, we could hardly breathe…… so I decided to give/sell most of it. The crib *sniffle*, the baby clothes *sigh*, the clothes I saved from one kid to the next *oh dear*. I'm a second hand shopper myself …. so I figure giving good stuff away is like giving myself good Karma for my next trip to the thrift store πŸ™‚ I passed some of  it on to people who were very appreciative. A teen parent center in Duluth was perfect for the baby toddler stuff….. Of course I save a few sentimental things, but I'm down to 3 totes. One for kids momentos …. you know art, little notes, stuff they made and such. One for clothing. One for toys. This was no easy task! But it just seemed crazy to hold onto 4 totes of clothes to "grow in to" with our lifestyle.

I suppose I should try this tactic on my fabric…… 

10 thoughts on “Simplify

  1. The only time you have to worry about having to much fabric is when there is no longer room in your home for a sewing machine.Instead of a 401K I have a 401stash. I will retire rich. Love ya


  2. Why not use some of the fabric to help protect the special things you are taking with on the move? glad to see things are going well!


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