2 weeks

You'll be seeing me less and less in the next few weeks…… 

There is just so much do to before we leave and my sweet babes are a wee bit more needing of my time with the anticipation of the move…..

I hope you stop by every now and then to see the progress and know that upon arrival in our new home I'll be back here a bit more regularly again πŸ™‚

We moved our pack date up date a bit and I realized it is exactly 2 weeks from today…..

After our belongings are packed up we have a few days to clean our rental and say our goodbyes before heading out on the road again……..

Every move is different for the kids…. as they grow the relationships with their friends and their surroundings is a deeper connection. Our oldest is excited to see Louisiana, but he is not looking forward to saying goodbye to all his homeschool buddies. Miss 10 is all about adventure and is counting the days until we head out. Miss 6 is a mix of excitement and anxiety. I think she asks at least a hundred questions a day about our new home. And the wee one….. while I am sure he can feel the shift of energy in the house, he doesn't understand the concept of moving yet.

As for me, I am always a mix. Moving is in my blood and ingrained in my mind…… my breath of fresh air….. I can feel it waning a bit this time. The thought comes to mind "I could stay here". A new thought for me. A thought that makes me know that in a few short years I will be ready to stay somewhere

The dream of a little farm and chickens and sheep and growing my own food and keeping bees….. it grows just a tiny bit each day. And one day the need for that will be greater than the need to move and then we'll settle. But right now I still yearn for the open road and the experience of a new place…… I need to see a bit more before I settle on the forever site……

But, back to the current moment. Here are two more things I will miss about Wisconsin.


The deer. My deer. This is a hard shot to see, but sunset pictures are tricky ones. Remember our chicken coop? Well it left last week, but a few days before it left I got this photo. Most days near sunset a few deer would come into the yard and eat the food and scraps left behind from the chickens. We move it once or twice a day and the deer quickly found a good place to get a snack.


And the lake. The big sandy beaches to walk on for miles and miles. There will be more sandy beaches down south, but I will miss this one. And I will miss seeing that big beautiful lake.

Staying present in this moment and soaking up memories. All good ones. That's priority for us right now. Today when the kids wake up I'll be asking them to make a list of what they want to do before we head out…… I'll keep you posted and I'm sure I'll snap a few photos of their request too……


9 thoughts on “2 weeks

  1. Did I mention that the neighbor just got bees and that someone in town just got a grant to start growing and selling ‘Cordova Greens’ and that since there are goats here, I’m sure a sheep would do just fine and there are sandy beaches nearby and although it’s not a lake, it’s an awfully big ocean and there are deer and chickens, and…
    But, we love all your new homes and the adventures they bring for you and for us. Mostly I enjoy all the new things I get to learn through those experiences and the stories I hear from you and my grandchildren. Thank you for being so adventurous and willing to experience new places and share them with us.
    Love you tons! We can’t wait to visit your new home.


  2. Awe! The thrill and excitement of a new adventure in great lifes experiences. I’m with you all the way, granddaughter (mentally that is). You are doing a terriffic job.
    I look forward to your blogs everyday but completely understand the slow down for the next month or so.
    I look forward to reading about your moving experiences. I am sure it will be a TRIP. Enjoy!


  3. Slow down?! But I just added you to my list of blogs to look at EVERY DAY!!! πŸ™‚ I guess I can be patient. It’s not like I blog every day anyway. Good luck!


  4. Oh thank you πŸ™‚ Once the dust settles and we’re settled in the new place I am sure I’ll have lots of crazy road trip stories to share πŸ™‚ Glad to know you’re hanging around until then…..


  5. moving from wisconsin to louisiana? why do you move so often? (and how often is “often” anyway?)and how do you decide where to go next? just curious as i am new to your blog, keep coming back as i enjoy it, and i notice you have mentioned a “need” to move a number of times!


  6. we move for my husband’s job. we’ve been from alaska to massachusetts back to alaska to wisconsin and now to louisiana. we usually have a short list of available jobs to choose from and we move every 2-4 years depending on when he gets promoted. promotion = move. we wanted to move to louisiana to see the south … the food, music & culture is very intriguing to us… and we want to live somewhere warm for a few years! we really love seeing different parts of the country, so the traveling part works out well for both of us. so far, our kids have thrived with it too.


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