Art with Chickens

Before the chickens left, we did chicken art. 

Yes, that's right, chicken art.

And what is chicken art? Well, let's just say it involves paint and lots of people holding chickens.

With the Daddo away, we were one person shy of getting a photo….. too bad because I'm sure it was funny! 

I'll try to help you imagine the scene::

Mister 12 – holding not so happy chicken

Miss 10 – chasing overtired barefoot wee one through the grass

Miss 6 – chasing big sister to "help" her with wee one

Mama – painting chicken foot with fabric paint

As this idea came alive we all grabbed t-shirts and I got the paint and then a few minutes later we were using our hen's feet as a stamp. The shirts came out really great….. it was certainly a fun experience….. maybe not for the chicken. But she certainly enjoyed getting her feet washed in warm water afterwards!

So here are the shirts::

Chicken Art

Art with Chickens….

And just for fun I whipped up a chicken skirt for Miss 6…. fabric given to me by my Auntie, a fellow fabric lover 🙂 Miss 10 wants a tote bag made out of it next. The pattern used here is from Oliver + S. You can get it for free on their blog! It's a really quick skirt to make. Fun too!


on the line


little toes

One sad little note, morning coffee just isn't the same without those sweet hens squawking at the sunrise. But our friends are in LOVE with them, so it warms my heart knowing they are at a new home getting organic produce scraps and giving their eggs to thankful folks and spending time under the arm of a kid carrying them around. That's a darn good life for a chicken 🙂

Have a lovely weekend ALL 🙂

** ps ~ no chickens were harmed in the making of this art 🙂 in fact, they may have enjoyed it**

9 thoughts on “Art with Chickens

  1. LOVE the chicken art shirts! Too bad they are gone as you probably could have made a killing selling those things 🙂 Probably would have had to rotate through the chickens to lessen the trauma, though!


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