Eating Out

What is it about a picnic?

There is something…… something I am not quite sure of….. but the food tastes better….. the kids seem to get along better….. 

Our dinner usually goes something like this…..
"please sit down"
"please don't kick your sister"
"I know you like swinging your legs, but your sister doesn't like getting kicked"
"maybe you should switch places so you can sit near mama"
chairs and plates and cups get shuffled and the chance of spilled water/milk/wine is high…….
"please don't throw your food" (this is the wee one's new trick, I am blaming it on our dog's ability to catch flying food)

You've been here too perhaps?

And then, it was finally warm enough to eat outside again. 6 people squished at our itty bitty picnic table and I swear I did not utter a single "please don't " the entire time. It may have been the sun….. or perhaps it was the live music…… but it was magical.

(As far as flying food, the dog was not invited to dinner on the porch. Sorry Sid)

picnic table
Pre-dinner Art…          

Not invited
No dogs allowed tonight.      

Live music
Live at our place…..           


7 thoughts on “Eating Out

  1. Is that BUG spray I see there? Love the art work!
    Such a beautiful setting and interesting family enjoying together.


  2. No bug spray – – – YET!?! – – – It’s a refillable sprayer. We put olive oil or canola oil in it. Sure beats buying those throw away ones at the grocery store….. as far as the bugs…. we just got our first hatch of mosquitos yesterday. Swarms of them everywhere…. I want to stand on my back porch and vacuum them up!


  3. lol poor Sid. Sounds like alot of fun. Gregg and I are going to Eklutna lake this weekend to soak up some sun and have a little picnic ourself. Should be alot of fun šŸ™‚


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