Birds of Louisiana

I am a bird girl. If you want to get me all excited, just send a new bird to my feeder and I am all giddy… pulling out the bird book to see what it is and where it came from. 

I don’t know how many times this scene happened…. while driving 65 along the highway I would yell “Joe did you see that one?!? Pull over I have to get a photo!” My sweet husband was very accommodating of my obsession 🙂
And so when I got home, bird book in hand, I was able to identify these beauties and share them with you. Enjoy!
Great Blue Heron
Great Egret ~ if you look closely you can see LOTS of turtles on the logs.
Cattle Egret…. these are only this color when they are mating…. the rest of the time they are solid white. So beautiful!
Brown Pelican in the top of a Cypress tree. We watched this guy fish for awhile, pretty amazing!
Brown Pelican
Great Egret
I hope you enjoyed these gorgeous birds, come back tomorrow for more photos of the Bayou.

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