A Week of Chickens, Day 4 :: Upkeep Basics


Today I’ll share basic care and upkeep of Chickens. And some numbers to show you the thrifty benefit of chickens too!

What they give us :: Eggs of course! In the summer we get 3-4 eggs a day! Through the winter we got two a day. We’re just now starting to occasionally get three a day again.


All about their Food :: It costs about $10 a month to feed them in the winter and $6-$7 in the summer. They eat tons of pests in the garden and yard. I let them go through my flower garden last summer several times to weed and eat bugs.  They eat lots of kitchen scraps. All our apple cores, veggie peelings, etc.

Daily Care & Coop :: They are easy to care for! Fresh water & food daily. Scrape the poo from the platform onto the ground….. change out sawdust (nestbox bedding) once a week. That’s it! Don’t forget to put all that poo into your compost or garden when you clean it out! (If you have a chicken tractor, the poo can stay on the ground and the grass loves it! If you have a regular coop, you’ll have to clean it out every couple of weeks depending on it’s size.)

Upkeep Costs for 4 Hens ::  Yearly average of $8 a month in food and $2 a month for sawdust. ($10) and a yearly average of 18 eggs a week. Free Range eggs are about $4 dollars a dozen most places, so you can see keeping chickens is a good deal. They are fun easy pets. And I truly believe in being connected to where our food comes from, so having the source of eggs living in my backyard and being a part of my family makes me feel good too.


8 weeks old & headed to the coop

I get this question a lot :: Don’t you have to have a Rooster? Nope,  you do not need a rooster. Your hens will still lay without one. 

How long until they lay eggs :: This depends on the breed, but usually when they are 5-6 months old.

My little Chicken Enthusiast, Miss 6 would like you to know :: “I only hypnotize one chicken at a time. I flip them on their back and rub their belly and say “steady girl” and I do it very carefully and they just stay still. Only baby chicks would lay in my lap when I hypnotized them. I can only hypnotize one of the chickens now that they are big. I like that chickens lay eggs because then you don’t have to get eggs at the grocery store. And I like to feed them worms and bugs in the summer.”


The Amazing Chicken hypnotist! 

Stop by tomorrow for our last day of Chickens!

**Our hens are young and haven’t had any health problems, but if you notice your chickens not doing well, ask a farm friend, vet or your feed store. 

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