At the Good Will …

I am a thrift store junkie….. I LOVE to go through all that stuff and find a treasure long forgotten…. I have (so far) passed this love of finding used treasures onto my children. We go to our Good Will pretty often and sometimes we find nothing….. and sometimes we find some stuff like these 🙂


The picnic basket turned toy chest for the wee one. No heavy lid to squish his fingers and it has held up amazingly well so far to a rough & tumble 2 year old!


Then this, I found it, but showed it to my crafty eldest daughter who squealed at the beautiful fabric and then asked, what is it? A knitting basket. I am not the knitter, she is, and she was delighted that her knitting would now have such a lovely home.

All this for under $7. Oh how I love thrifting 🙂

One thought on “At the Good Will …

  1. My boyfriend loooves going to thrift stores. Sadly our thrift store is value village and its horrible. However, i did find a few that interest me. I have yet to check then out but one of them is with the ASPCA.. everything you buy there goes towards the ASPCA.. im totally cool with that! And then there is an antique thrift shop that i want to go too.. i think that would be the most fun and expensive. Ive always wanted to go to some where the town is more than 50 years old. I like really old stuff.. stuff that has history. Not stuff that came out of Mountainview and belonged to a crackhead. UGH! However, on the flip side of that coin. If i had access to good thrift shops with stuff im interested in.. My house would be so full i wouldnt have room to walk. Sooo i guess its a good thing im surrounded by a bunch of crap in these stores. 🙂


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